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The Best Vaping Options for Heavy Smokers

Vaping Options for Heavy Smokers Canada

The Best Vaping Options for Heavy Smokers

Vaping Options for Heavy Smokers Canada
September 08, 2022

Vaping products are often viewed as a safer alternative to smoking because vaping products do not contain the thousands of harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. However, switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping can be a more difficult process for heavy smokers who have higher than average nicotine requirements. This article will discuss the best options for heavy smokers looking to make the transition from cigarettes to vaping.

For the smoothest transition to vaping, individuals with higher nicotine needs will require a device that delivers nicotine with maximum efficiency. As a result, disposable devices and pre-filled pods do not provide heavy smokers a satisfactory vaping experience.

A heavy smoker’s dependency on cigarettes is a mixture of physical and psychological factors. For those switching from cigarettes to vaping, vaping acts as a replacement for the things they miss about smoking. Therefore, it is not only about the amount of nicotine the device delivers but how the nicotine is delivered. Of course, there are many differences between vapes and cigarettes and the change will take time to get used to. To ease the transition, heavy smokers should use a device with characteristics similar to a cigarette, like tight airflow. Vaping devices with tight airflow provide the throat hit sensation that heavy smokers expect and crave.

For the most satisfactory vaping experience heavy smokers will also want to use a low wattage device that is optimized for high strength e-liquids. Devices that are optimized for high strength e-liquids can be visually identified by their narrow mouthpiece, which resembles a cigarette filter, and small vents. These characteristics are what create tight airflow.

For heavy smokers, the cost of continually replacing pre-filled pods can add up quickly. Therefore, heavy smokers are better off opting for a refillable device. Additionally, heavy smokers will likely spend a significant amount of time using their device and should look for a device with a large battery life. Vape batteries are measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). How long a battery lasts depends on on use, but typical time between charges is:

  • 650mAh - 4-6 hours
  • 900mAh - 7-9 hours
  • 1000mAh - 10-12 hours
  • 1650mAh - 14-16 hours
  • 2200mAh - 18-22 hours

Another option is to choose a device with a removable battery so that you can have a backup battery and never have to worry about running out of power when a craving hits.

The last major consideration heavy smokers should keep in mind when choosing a device is the design. A device with a user-friendly design is recommended for those switching from cigarettes to vaping because you do not want your first vaping experience to be overly complicated. If your first device has a huge variety of obscure configuration options, it is more likely you will get frustrated and revert to smoking cigarettes. Instead, start off with a user-friendly device and once you have become accustomed to vaping you can try a device with a bit more flexibility. 

'Wicks and Wires' Best Vapes for Heavy Smokers


At Wicks and Wires, we carry a wide variety of starter kits, from vape pens to pod systems and versatile compact kits. The starter kits are ideal for those looking to make the switch from cigarettes because they are designed with a beginner in mind and provide everything you need to get started. Below are a few of the kits we recommend for heavy smokers.

Innokin Kroma Z

The Innokin Kroma Z is a compact and portable device that provides a bit more power than your typical beginner vape. It offers plenty of power and coil options however, Kroma-z' smart coil automatically selects the best coils resistance and wattage levels for your vaping needs, making it a very user-friendly option. Additionally, the user-friendly design allows you to refill the pod without removing it from the device. The 3000mAh battery provides a full day of vaping and utilizes type-c fast charging, making the Kroma Z a great option for heavy smokers.

Aspire Zelos 3

The Aspire Zelos 3 is a top choice among vapers at all experience levels. The slide-open top cap and press fit coils system makes the device extremely easy to use. The 3200mAh battery is one of the largest internal batteries available. Additionally, the large tank capacity and adjustable airflow makes the Aspire Zelos 3 a great starter kit for heavy smokers.

Caliburn G Pod System – Uwell

The Caliburn G Pod System is a portable device that's single-button layout makes it a top choice among beginners. The device uses top filling and a magnetically connected pod to prevent leakage. The 690mAh battery supports all day vaping and can be recharged quickly via the Type-C USB port. The 15w output wattage gets the most out of your e-liquid and provides a great vaping experience for heavy smokers.

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