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Can Vaping Have Any Impact on Cardio Training?

Vaping Impact on Cardio Training

Can Vaping Have Any Impact on Cardio Training?

Vaping Impact on Cardio Training
December 29, 2021

If you have a smoking background but are new to vaping, there must be some exciting questions popping in your head. Do people often ask how vaping affects cardio activities? The answer to this question depends on your smoking history, whether or not you are new to smoking and want to switch to vaping. We will cover all of these questions and explain the effects of vaping on cardio in detail.

Experts suggest athletes and other fitness-oriented people avoid smoking. However, some people argue that vaping is not as harmful as smoking cigarettes. Some have experienced better performance after switching to vaping. While risks associated with vaping are not yet known, it cannot be considered 100% safe in any scenario. Let us learn more about vaping and its effects.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is an alternative to smoking cigarettes. It inhales vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or a vaping device. This electronic cigarette consists of cartridges filled with vape juice containing different flavours, chemicals, and nicotine. E-cigarettes are powered by a battery and use electric energy to create vapour inhaled by a person. Thus, termed vaping.

People also use an E-cigarette to vape marijuana, THC oil, and other chemicals. While traditional smoking and its adverse effects are well-known by everyone, vaping is relatively new in the market. But don’t worry; we are here to alleviate your potential concerns about vaping.

How Is Vaping Different From Traditional Smoking?

People consider vaping less harmful than smoking cigarettes, but why? The answer to this is pretty simple: smoking transfers nicotine to your body by burning tobacco that is very harmful. Vaping delivers nicotine by heating the vape juice and creating vapour, which is less dangerous.

The long-term health effects of vaping are still unknown. However, vaping is generally considered relatively safer when compared to traditional smoking. Vaping affects cardio activities differently based on the person’s smoking history. You will likely see positive results after switching to vaping if you smoke cigarettes. At the same time, a person with no smoking history may experience some effects if they switch to vaping. 

Effects Of Vaping On Cardio

A traditional smoker inhales nicotine by burning tobacco which accumulates tar on the lungs. In contrast, there is no tar delivery in vaping, and it is considered relatively less harmful. If smokers switch to vaping, they will see improved results while performing cardio. Smoking increases blood pressure and narrows the arteries. Replacing smoking with vaping will likely improve blood pressure and blood flow through the arteries.  

The results can be different for a non-smoker who starts vaping. Since their bodies are not used to processing nicotine and all the other chemicals, it may disturb their performance to a certain extent but still will not be as damaging as the effects of smoking cigarettes.

By replacing cigarettes with a vape device, smokers often feel an improvement in their blood pressure and are more relaxed about their nicotine intake. A sudden change in nicotine levels may lead to specific bodily changes like weight gain, increased appetite, sweet food cravings, and slow metabolism. 

Is Vaping Safe For Athletes?

Smoking has always been considered disruptive to most physical fitness activities like aerobics, weight training, and cross country running. We all know the harmful effects of nicotine, tar, and other chemicals in cigarettes that often lead to poor lungs, diseases like cancer, and even early death. Recently, the trends show that many people have used vaping in place of traditional smoking.

According to some health experts, vaping is considered up to 95% safer than smoking. Some studies have also displayed the positive results of vaping on the performance of athletes. Some positive impacts recorded are better mood, enhanced confidence, improved stamina, increased energy, elevated cardio performance, and better weight management.

People who smoke cigarettes often experience shortness of breath and discomfort while performing intensive exercises. In athletes, smoking leads to poor stamina over time, increased blood pressure, and degraded performance. In the case of vaping, nicotine found in vape juice often acts as a stimulant. So when the vape juice or e-juice vapours are inhaled, it can kick-start the nervous system and give the person extra energy. 

Nicotine stimulates the pleasure spots in the brain and boosts confidence. Some people also believe that vaping can help in quitting smoking. The effects of vaping on cardio thus depend on an athlete’s smoking history and intake pattern as neither smoking nor vaping are 100% safe for the body. 

Positive Impacts Of Vaping On Athletes 

Let us examine some of the positive impacts of vaping on athlete’s stamina and performance:

Improved Cardio Performance: vaping can increase an athlete’s ability and stamina to run longer. It enhances strength and leads to better cardio performance. 

Enhanced Stamina: smoking cigarettes results in poor performance in athletes and impacts their health negatively. Switching to vape can result in enhanced stamina. 

Increased Energy: nicotine boosts energy levels, but this can also increase heart rate. 

Improved Mood: Nicotine in vape juice stimulates the pleasure sensors in the brain, thus leading to enhanced mood. Further, this can lead to better self-esteem and motivation in athletes. 

Weight Management: Nicotine in e-juice helps in controlling weight. Since athletes have a strict diet and workout schedules, nicotine can aid their weight management to a good extent.

Impact Of Vape On Running 

Whether you are new to vaping or are a seasoned smoker, vaping before running can have adverse effects on your health and performance; while many people vape to get energy by inhaling nicotine, it is not always suitable to enhance performance. Vaping affects the oxygen level in your blood and constricts your arteries. Further, this can lead to poor stamina and energy levels. 

Smoking and even sometimes vaping can lead to shortness of breath while running and often lead to lung capacity issues. But if you are already a smoker and want to improve your stamina and performance, vaping can be a good alternative. If you're going to incorporate vaping into your routine, do it slowly to see positive results. Sudden increases in vape inhalation can negatively affect respiratory health and dehydration. Vapers have claimed to experience better running, swimming, cardio, and cycling performance. 

The Bottom Line 

Now that you have a better understanding of and transparent information about vaping and how it affects cardio, running, and other athletic performance, you can make better health decisions for yourself. Remember, nicotine is harmful to humans, even in small amounts. 

Vaping is considered safer than traditional smoking as the level of oxidation in vaping is comparatively less. Also, vaping is known to increase stamina, elevate mood, help with weight control, and enhance overall body energy levels. Moderation and proper use are the keys to benefits from vaping. 

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