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Tobacco STLTH 5K Disposable - STLTH


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Introducing the STLTH 5k disposable vape at Wicks and Wires Vape Shoppe located in the heart of Vaughan, With all of the quality and transparency of a Canadian vape product delivered in the practical form of a disposable, STLTH 5K is made to provide an amazing disposable vaping experience. The proprietary nicotine blend used in STLTH disposables is designed with the intention of providing the user with a smooth, realistic experience to aid adult smokers who want to transition away from conventional tobacco-based nicotine sources like cigarettes and cigars. You won't waste any of the e-liquid in your disposable because your battery ran out with STLTH 5K. With its rechargeable design, STLTH disposables last longer, and the charging status lights make it simple to know when to plug them in. When your device is charging, the charging indicator will become green; after it is fully charged, it will switch off. The STLTH 5K disposable's indicator will turn on when you use it, and it will display one of three colours: green for a full to 60% charge or e-liquid level, yellow for a 60% to 30% level, or red for anything below 30%. The STLTH 5K's indicator light will blink red if there is no more e-liquid or charge left. It is advised that you charge your device as soon as the indicator light goes red for the optimum results.

Flavour Profile: Tobacco


  • Up to 5000 puffs
  • Liquid and battery indicators
  • Rechargeable
  • Matte finish (feel and style)
  • Available in 15 flavours
  • 10 mL of e-Liquid
  • 20 mg/mL
  • Internal 600 mAh

Category: Disposable, STLTH 5K, Tobacco

Type: Unknown Type

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