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PHIX Pods 4 Pack Tobacco Blonde - MLV


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PHIX Pods by MLV for use with the PHIX Starter Kit.

Flavour Profile: Government regulations in Canada now prohibit the description of certain flavor profiles online. We recommend searching this product via Google to get the product descriptions where sold outside of Canada, or by calling our store directly to speak with a representative.

The eagerly anticipated return of the Phix Original Pods 4-pack is here, driven by immense demand and maintaining its position as a beloved choice among our clientele. Each meticulously crafted Phix 4-pack Pod contains a generous 1.5ml of premium e-liquid, carefully selected to meet the high standards synonymous with Phix. Our exclusive blends are expertly formulated for the Phix, guaranteeing a flawless throat hit with every draw, delivering an unparalleled vaping experience.

Phix Pod specifications:

4 Pods Per Pack. (Total Volume 6ml) 
Equal to About 3 to 4 Packs of Cigarettes
350-400 Puffs Per Pod
HD Mesh Flava Coil for bigger, bolder and more vivid flavor.
Membrane Tank Tech – no leaks, spit back, bubbling or back flow
SureFire pod points – larger connectors to reduce misfires
E-Juice Capacity: 1.5ml per pod
Fill Type: Non-Refillable
Vaping Type: Mouth To Lung
Crafted by Brewell MFG

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