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Which Types of Vapes Are the Best to Quit Smoking

Which Types of Vapes Are the Best to Quit Smoking

Which Types of Vapes Are the Best to Quit Smoking

Which Types of Vapes Are the Best to Quit Smoking
January 14, 2021

What if you could quit smoking easily and painlessly?

Over the years, there have been many different methods to quit smoking. But none of them are quite as effective as vaping.

Not convinced? Keep reading to discover our complete guide to the different types of vapes and how they can help you quit smoking!

How Does Vaping Help You Quit?
Our guide focuses on quitting smoking by turning to vaping. But that means we need to answer a simple question: how, exactly, does vaping help you quit?

To understand that, you must understand what nicotine addiction is all about. There are two components to addiction: chemical and psychological.

On a biological level, a nicotine addict needs nicotine, and quitting "cold turkey" doesn't work for most people. And on a psychological level, most addicts grow very accustomed to the actual act of smoking, such as grabbing a cigarette after dinner.

With vaping, you can control how much nicotine you get and eventually wean yourself off of it. And the act of vaping is a better replacement for the act of smoking than other solutions such as a nicotine patch.

Different Types of Vapes
If you've never vaped before, you might think these devices are "one size fits all." In reality, though, there are many different types.

For example, you can get electronic cigarettes as well as vapes or the smaller vape pens. And you can also try out disposable vapes before buying something more long-term.

There is a wide variety of vape content, even with disposable vapes. For example, the nicotine salts in many modern vapes do a great job of helping you quit cigarettes for good.

Transitioning Into Vaping
If you're interested in vaping, you probably have a basic question: how should you get started?

We recommend starting out with disposable vapes. They are very affordable and user-friendly, and they will give you a good idea of whether vaping is right for you.

Disposable vapes are also good for quitting nicotine altogether. Once you have kicked the habit, you can simply get rid of the unwanted vape.

However, should you wish to vape after you quit smoking, you can explore other vape options. Having a permanent vape will ultimately save you money compared to buying a new disposable vape every week.

Long-term Plans
Let's say that you buy a vape today to help you quit smoking. What would your long-term plans be to completely kick the habit?

One option is to steadily wean yourself off of the nicotine. Over time (which could be weeks or even months), you can steadily reduce how much nicotine you consume with vapes.

After that, some former smokers quit vaping altogether. And others discover that there is an entire world of flavorful, nicotine-free vapes out there. You can keep using such vapes indefinitely without ever consuming nicotine again!

What's Next?
Now you know about the different types of vapes and how vaping can help you quit smoking. But do you know where you can find the best vapes?

We specialize in vapes and vaping supplies to meet your every need. To see how we can help you quit smoking, contact us today!

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