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What You Should Know about Priming a Vape Coil and Breaking It In Properly

Priming a Vape Coil

What You Should Know about Priming a Vape Coil and Breaking It In Properly

Priming a Vape Coil
November 15, 2021

Priming vape coils is a vital step to ensure that you are getting the best vape possible. This is especially important for new vapers.

If a new coil isn't prepared properly, the very first use could fry it or burn the wick creating an unpleasant tasting vape. The coil could be damaged, and a need to be replaced right away is money lost.

Learn these few procedures and get the longest life possible from every coil!

Does My Vape Device Need to be Primed?

Not every vape device will require the priming of the coil. Replaceable cartridges E-cigarettes or pod mods don't need to be primed or prepared.

If you're using a mod with a refillable tank or an RDAs, this is necessary information to step through the process.

Many smokers wanting a hassle-free solution go with e-cigarettes that look similar to a cigarette and have no need for break-in or priming.

For those who enjoy big clouds, learning how to prime the atomizer coil is of great importance.

Is This Difficult to Do?

Priming a new coil is easy, and it's something that any vaper can do. There's no need to be scared or concerned about the complexity. Mostly the steps are about planning and time.

Each coil has a heated metal component that comes into direct touch with cotton.

What Is the Function of the Coil?

This term is used to describe together the wire coil and the wick. The coil is metal, commonly Kanthal, and looks like a spring. Other metals may be used such as nickel or stainless steel when needing temperature control. Applying electricity to the wire causes heat. A hot coil will turn orange, similar to a stovetop heating element.

The heat from the coil will vaporize the e-liquids, producing the vapor.

The wick and the coil are in contact with each other. The wick has to be saturated before heat is applied from the coil. A dry cotton wick will be burnt by the heating element, ruining it or at minimum causing a burnt taste until replaced.

Common Types of Vape Coils and Wattage

Follow the power and wattage settings recommended by the manufacturer while using vape coils. Overheating and burning the wick can happen if you use more wattage than advised.

Two types of coils are commonly used. Sub Ohms have an atomizer resistance under 1.0 ohm and MTL coils have a resistance greater than 1.0 ohm.

Both Sub Ohm and MTL vaping coils should be primed, though the methods differ slightly between the two types.

Priming Sub Ohm Coils

Sub Ohm vape coils produce huge clouds of vapor. How is that? Electrical power. These units have coils with very low resistance, and that lets more current pass from the battery.

You must prime this type of coil, so they don't burn out!

  • Thread the coil onto the tank's base.
  • Coil now attached, carefully drizzle a few drops of the e-liquid directly on top of the cotton fabric wick through the top opening.
  • Then, put a few drops in the juice ports seen next to the coil.
  • Assemble and fill with e-liquid.
  • Important -> Wait 10 minutes after filling before vaping.

User manuals that come with some coils may say five minutes, but it's better to be patient and go with ten minutes. If the wick is dense, it will take longer to soak. Allow time to fully saturate the wick.

The whole process of how to prime a vape coil does not take much time, and it is well worth it.

Priming MTL Vape Coils

The acronym MTL stands for mouth-to-lung, implying that you draw the vapor into your mouth before breathing it in.

It's the most common vaporizer type, and learning how to prime them is simple.

In this case, it's more about patience than any additional actions.

These MTL coils have a higher electrical resistance and are usually smaller than Sub Ohm coils. No need to put drops on e-liquid onto the coil to prime it. Fill the tank and let it saturate. Be patient. 5 or 10 minutes.

Ready to Break In the Vape Coil?

Don't worry, this is easy to understand, and breaking in coils gradually can help them last longer.

  • Start at the lowest power setting
  • Take in a few small vapes to begin slowly breaking in the coil
  • Turn up the power 5 watts
  • Take a few typical vapes, then increase power again 5 watts.
  • Gradually repeat until you are at the power level you want

Your Patience is Rewarded. Enjoy!

The procedure of gradually breaking in a new coil has several advantages. The first is to fill the vape and saturate the wick with e-liquid to avoid any burnt flavor from the wick or damage to the coil.

The second goal is extended coil life because that's money! We hope these tips help you get the best value and a great vape out of your vape coils.

Learn more about getting the most excellent vaping experience possible on our blog!

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