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Everything You Want to Know About Nic Salts

Nic Salts Online

Everything You Want to Know About Nic Salts

Nic Salts Online
February 07, 2022

The world of vaping is still a mystery to some people worldwide. Just like other industries, there are a set of vocabularies that you will only understand if you are a vaporizer user. It is not uncommon for first-time vaporizer users to feel out of place, confused, and curious! This is one of the leading barriers to entry among prospective new buyers and consumers.  

This short blog article will take you through everything you need to know about Nicotine Salts. 

Let’s dive right in!

What are Nicotine Salts? 

It may be a phrase you have encountered before, but you may not have known what it means. Nicotine salts contain large doses of nicotine or "nic" and offer a quicker rush and a relatively smoother hit. 

These salts are found in tobacco leaves. Compared with the freebase salts, nic salts are way more stable. They require high-temperature levels to vaporize them, as their ions cannot travel easily to the body receptors.

Nic salts are now vastly popular, thanks to the introduction of the many small yet powerful vaporizer devices. Once these products became available, there was a need to introduce better options for consuming nic. Experienced vapers know that freebase vaping gets extremely harsh after eighteen milligrams. That is different with nic salts; you can vape even higher amounts without getting a severe hit. This allows you to feel exactly how you would feel smoking the ordinary cigarette. 

But here is the caveat: 

The consumer should never exceed 50 milligrams of nic salts, as you would experience an unbelievably harsh hit that can be dangerous to your health. What is different with the nic salts is that they contain benzoic acid, making you enjoy a smoother experience for longer while using an e-cigarette, a pen, a dab pen, or a wax pen. 

Freebase Nic

Vaporizer manufacturing companies have discovered how to increase the potency of nic salts by converting them to a base. After conversion, the nic salts are called "freebase nic." This is stronger and way purer than the natural nic. The only problem is that it gets more alkaline by converting salt to a base. The Freebase Nic becomes harsher, and higher levels won't be as smooth. Nic salts are still soft even at higher levels. That is the difference between Nic and Freebase Nic. 

Now that you understand the difference between Nic and Freebase Nic let's review some of the potential benefits of the Nic Salts. 

The Benefits of Nic Salts

Consumers enjoy that nic salts work perfectly well with small, light, and lower-powered devices. This offers the same rush you would get while using the freebase nic vape juice. Remember that Nic juice doses do not work well with higher-powered devices.

Here is a list of other potential benefits of Nic Salts: 

  • Nic salts work perfectly well with lower-powered devices, which are cheaper. This allows you to vape even while on budget. 
  • Effective for minimalist as you can use sleek designs and not necessarily the extensive format mods
  • There is no need to have additional accessories; only the nic salts in the vaping device, and you are good to go!

It is also worth mentioning that as much as Nic salts are worth your consideration, they may not work for everyone. If you are used to vaping the conventional e-liquids, switching to the Nic salts may not bring you the satisfaction you are used to experiencing. Some vaper users, too, may find Nic salts a bit harsh. This is probably a tiny percentage of vaper users. 

For those who no longer smoke, you may prefer to instead stick to the e-liquids without nic. Since nic salts do not contribute to the e-juice flavours, using a vape without them would make your experience more enjoyable.   

At some point in this guide, we mentioned Benzoic Acid. This section covers some of its potential benefits. 

Purposes of Benzoic Acid

Nic is a salt. When you bring in Benzoic Acid, it will enable you to have a better experience with higher strengths of nic. It makes your body take in nic salts more comfortably. 

Other potential benefits of Benzoic Acid are: 

  • Decreases the pH of nic salts allowing you to have a smoother hit 
  • It makes it easier to absorb the nic salts 
  • When Benzoic Acid is added to nic salts, it would require a lower temperature to vaporize. 

Why Use Nic Salts? 

Nic Salts is a suitable partner in your mission to quit conventional smoking. Consumers agree that the desire to quit smoking is an uphill battle. You will be craving it, and going for hours without smoking can feel uncomfortable. By substituting with nic salts, you would be able to curb cravings, and the journey to quitting becomes more manageable and fun. 

You can choose to use lower wattage devices such as the vape pen, wax pen, or vaporizer pen. That way, you would be able to take your vape pens wherever you wish, as they are portable. Using sleek devices still offers you the kind of rush you would get from the analog devices you might have been accustomed to operating in the past.

Since the impact is more prominent, you are likely to vape less than you typically would. Furthermore, nic salts offer impressively comfortable hits, and vapers usually don’t have to add another hit immediately. This way, you would be able to reduce your overall vapour consumption. With that, you can be sure to cut costs and save more money than you would otherwise spend on e-juices. 

Where to Go From Here? 

If you have made it this far, you must have learned more about nic salts, and you are in a position to make a better decision. It is one thing to hear about something versus understanding the topic thoroughly. If you have decided that you need nic salts, choosing your supplier is equally important. You need to source your products from stores that serve your best interest. 

One such supplier is Wicks and Wires. We have all you need when it comes to the world of vaping. 

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