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5 Tips for Parents to Talk to Teenagers About Vaping

5 Tips for Parents to Talk to Teenagers About Vaping

5 Tips for Parents to Talk to Teenagers About Vaping

5 Tips for Parents to Talk to Teenagers About Vaping
July 06, 2021

It seems like it was not that long ago when parents had to worry about their teenagers smoking cigarettes. Now, they also worry about their teenagers vaping. Even though vaping is not as risky as smoking cigarettes, many parents still want to prevent their teens from vaping in the first place.

Tip #1: Parents need to know more than just the facts.

There is a lot of information about vaping out there. Regardless of the information, facts, and studies being conducted on vaping, parents need to do more than just bombard their teenagers with endless facts about the harm or good of vaping. Doing so is going to lose their attention and push them to want to vape even more.

Tip #2: Put yourself in their place.

Think about all the things you did when you were a teenager. For example, you may have tried cigarettes. Remembering everything you did as a teen that your parents didn't want you to do and thinking about things from your teen’s perspective can be beneficial when discussing vaping.

Instead of focusing on telling your teen to not vape or they need to quit, ask them why they vape, what do they like about it, and how do they view vaping. Showing interest in the subject can help your teen to open up and share their insights. 

Not to mention, by engaging your teen in this manner, you are building trust with them. It also helps encourage them to want to be more open and share their views without you, not just on vaping, but a wide array of topics without you having to ask. 

Tip #3: Learn as much as you can about vaping. 

Vaping devices have changed since they first hit the market. There are all sorts of devices, from easy-to-use vaping pens to customizable mods. Some of your teen's reasons for vaping could be related to the technology, the ability to customize a vape, and other such appealing aspects. 

Trying to find your teen's reason for vaping is a much better approach than simply putting your foot down and telling them to stop. The more restrictive you are, the more likely they are going to keep doing it anyway. 

Tip #4: Vaping is not the end of the world. 

While you may not be happy your teen is vaping, it is not the end of the world. There are far worse things your teen could be doing, like smoking cigarettes, drinking, and using drugs. Showing that you are willing to admit vaping is not as bad as smoking cigarettes, drinking, or experimenting with drugs, lets your teen know you are willing to make concessions.

Equally so, make sure to present your reasons why you do not like them vaping without going overboard. For example, you could tell them the risks of becoming addicted to nicotine, or there is still not a lot known about the long-term effects vaping can have on people. 

Tip #5: Keep expectations real.

Parents and teens can get into an endless cycle where the parents prohibit something, and the teen does it anyway just to show they can. Instead of getting caught in this cycle, let your teens know that you understand they may try it anyway, and if they do, you will not get angry with them, but at the same time, want them to know the potential risks.

Hopefully, by using these tips, you and your teen can openly talk about vaping productively. 

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