VTC5A 18650 25Amp 2600mAh IMR Battery - Sony


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High discharge Sony VTC5 IMR cells offers the best balance of high continuous discharge rating (25 Amps as tested by "Mooch"), along with high capacity (2600mAh). This high current discharge rate allows the battery to suffer less from voltage sag when powering low resistance setups.

The Sony VTC series of batteries maintains the title of the highest recommended batteries available for use for the vaping world. Offering reliable and consistent high power dumps with minimal voltage drop and maintaining higher voltages over a longer period of its charge.

These are one of the best 18650 sized batteries you can get!

Price is per individual cell.

Guaranteed genuine Sony VTC5A! We DO NOT carry any fake Sony cells, and we will go to great lengths and expenses to ensure our source is providing us with authentic Sony OEM cells, even if they cost us an arm and a leg

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