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JDTech the makers of the Dos Equis have done it again...The Tres Equis....Spanish for "Three X's" and refers to the three 18650 batteries in a parallel set-up. Made from aluminium and delrin, with a brass pole in the brass 510 connection. The firing button has no springs or magnets which in turn provides almost no voltage drop. The end result? A brutally strong Mod that will handle anything you can throw at it in terms of Ohm/resistance with plenty of vapetime.

This is not just a Mod for the power hungry, SubOhming cloud chaser. The Tres Equis is a Mod for anyone who appriciates high quality vape technology in all its brilliance.

With only 100 in the world produced The Tres Equis is an ultra eqlusive piece!


Materials: Aluminium and Delrin.
Standard 510 connection.
Mechanical Firebutton (no springs or magnets).
Uses three 18650 batteries (nipple or flat top).
Unique engraved serial number.
Next to no Volt Drop.
Height 77.6mm. Length 47mm. Width: 44.5mm

WARNING: This device is an unregulated mechanical device that is recommended FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY. Use at your own risk. Users of mechanical devices must be aware of battery safety and ohms law in order to prevent risk and harm to the device, to person or to property. Be aware, that mechanical mods such as this one do not have any short circuit protection and lack any firing button locks. Pay attention to the position of the firing button at all times when batteries are inserted, and always ensure that batteries are inserted with ALL THREE positive ends facing inward for parallel mechanical mods such as this.

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