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Tower Tank for Kayfun 5 - Steam Tuners

Steam Tuners

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The tower tank is a new tank that works with the standard Kayfun 5 chimney.

Note: Tower tank does not work with the standard Kayfun 5 top cap and in order to seal, requires one of the K series Drip Tips (K31, K32, and K41) or Top Nut Mini. Please make sure that upon initial installation, the Tower Tank must be aligned with the threading of the chimney.

Usage Warning: When attaching the Tower Tank to your Kayfun 5 or Kayfun Prime, ensure you DO NOT over tighten it on to the chimney, nor should you close the juice flow control by turning the Tower Tank, or you risk stripping the small plastic threads on this tank which will result in loose fitment and liquid leakage. To adjust juice flow control, ONLY turn the tank by the exposed metal portion of the Kayfun's chimney beneath the Tower Tank! Also, when tightening the K Series drip tip after filling, hold the tank by this Tower Tank rather than by your mod or the steel components of the Kayfun, or else you can strip the threads of this tank. Warranty will not cover the stripped threads due to over-torquing by the user.


Material: Food grade Plexiglass
Diameter: 22 mm
Height: 33mm
Liquid capacity: 3.2ml

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