Tiger Wire 28g - Vapor Grudge

Vapor Grudge

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Vapor Grudge Tiger Wire is a handmade vape wire made in the USA for use in your RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) or RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer). Tiger 28 Wire has a 28 gauge and .8 ribbon wire tightly twisted together promoting improved surface area to improve flavor and vapor production. Each tube comes with six 4" long strips of Tiger Wire. 

Package Contents:

6 Vapor Grudge Tiger Wires ( 4 inches in length)


It is essential to torch your wire red hot for several seconds before use. If you are a new vapor or do not understand OHM's law or have no experience with battery safety, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT.  This is and ADVANCE USER item.

Category: Tiger Wire, Vapor Grudge

Type: Kanthal Wire