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The Tab BTF Atty is the newest creation coming from Boost Lab, and like all their past atomizer releases, it is a truly unique and creative design.

With a central positive post that the coil and wicking material is built around, the "BTF" (Bottom to Top Feeding) design means that a juice port high on the positive post (above the wicking material and coil) results in liquid flowing down over the wicking material using the assistance of gravity, rather than using capillary action to pull liquid upwards against gravity.

A fat and short coil setup allows for increased cotton volume within the coil, resulting in more liquid to be held.

360 degree circular air flow around the coil with a seamless air flow control system allows air to completely envelope the coil on all sides.

Three large air intake ports allow for massive air intake when completely wide open for high wattage setups, while also being able to shut down completely for a loose mouth-to-lung experience via three 1mm diameter air channels. The black PEEK mouth piece is integrated with the air flow control that allows for quick and easy on-the-fly adjustment of air by screwing it up or down, thus, opening or closing the air flow volume.

Fully bottom-feed ready. Should you choose to convert this to a standard dripper, one of the included screws can be inserted into the 510 pin to block it off.

A black Delrin jig is included as a coil building guide. Slipped over the center post, it allows the user to build the perfect coil diameter around it for a cotton wicked build. Once the coil is secured, the jig can be removed.

Stainless steel mesh can also be used as a wicking material. Wrapped around the center post to your desired diameter, the coil can then be built around the mesh wick.


  • Active Bottom to Top Juice Feeding
  • Fat & Short coil setup, increased cotton volume, holds more juice
  • 360 degree, around air flow with seamless AFC (Minimum Φ1x3)
  • Dimension: Φ22, 17.1mm height
  • Construction Material: SS316L, Black PEEK, SS304 (fasteners), Delrin (jig)

NOTE: It is highly recommend that you fully clean out this product before the first time you use it. While the factory does a decent job at removing dust, shavings, machining lubricants and greases, there is still the potential for trace elements to remain, and it is best recommended that you do an additional cleaning to meet your standard of cleanliness.

DISCLAIMER: Rebuildable atomizers are for experienced vapers with access to meters and a working knowledge of Ohms Law, Watts Law, battery safety, and how general electricity works. Please ensure care is taken as to not cause damage nor harm to the atomizer, your battery, the vaping device, yourself, others, or personal property.

Wicks & Wires Vape Shoppe is not responsible for misuse of product, or dangerously low coil builds. Wicks & Wires Vape Shoppe is not liable for the use of improper batteries for your builds.