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Swivel Stand Deluxe - Atom Custom Designs

Atom Custom Designs

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The Swivel Stand Deluxe is the Swivel Stand on steroids, and adds more functions, height, and reach. The Swivel Stand Deluxe is an elegant, all-metal, all-in-one solution to setting up a swivel unit to work with your drill. It combines, in one convenient package, all the basic components a wire artist needs to work with a drill -- a precision swivel unit, a clamp, and a stand to support the swivel unit at the desired height. It also has a wire straightening clamp, a wire twisting post, and a Ribbon Corrugator. It takes the place of a heavy and bulky bench vise, additional c-clamps or trigger clamps (to secure the vise to the table), a riser material, and an aftermarket bearing unit itself.


The Swivel Stand is compact, lightweight, highly configurable, and simple to set up or take apart. It takes up less room and weighs considerably less than a bench vise, and does not need any additional clamps to secure it to your table. It can even be dissassembled into parts small and light enough to be carried in a bag to stores, a friend's house, or events.




* Durable 6061 T6 Aluminum construction

* Spherically-mounted Swivel Unit with dual 608 MiniLogo Precision Stainless Steel Bearings

* Custom-machined, responsive, lightweight, low-mass 6061 T6 Aluminum Spindle

* Powder-coated, durable steel table clamp with four mounting positions (up to 8" of table edge offset)

* Adjustable height (1" to 10" Drill Chuck Center Vertical Height) Please measure your drill to ensure compatibility!

* Fully Rotatable 360° and works righty or lefty

* Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Riser Rod (3/8" diameter)

* Integrated Ribbon Corrugator

* Integrated Wire Straightening clamp with hardened steel insert and custom knurled 6061 T6 Aluminum knob

* Integrated Stainless Steel post for twisting wire

* Nitrile rubber pads on bottom of steel clamp and top of clamping disc to protect table surfaces

* ABS clamping knob

* Hex key included.


The bearing and swivel unit has been designed with performance in mind. The spindle of the Swivel Stand Deluxe has been custom machined out of 6061 T6 Aluminum to properly fit dual 608 MiniLogo bearings. The spindle weighs about 2 grams (compared to similarly-sized steel clevis pins, which weigh between 10 and 12 grams). The lighter, properly toleranced shaft and dual bearings provide smooth and snappy response even at low RPM.


To further improve performance, we decided to not use hard-mounted bearings -- with that design, any slight misalignment between your drill chuck center axis and the bearing center axis causes inconsistent rotation and unwanted vibration. Instead, the Swivel Stand Deluxe uses a spherical bearing to mount the swivel unit to the stand. The spherical bearing allows the swivel unit to adjust automatically to your drill and wire, giving smooth rotation and wire stability.

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