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We've all experienced it -- one brief moment of inattention and your
spool of wire explodes on you into a twisted and kinked mess!  The Mad
Beaver Creations Spool Saver protects and stores your coiling wire and
allows you to safely and easily dispense only what you need.  Sudden
wire unravelings are a thing of the past because your wire cannot
escape from the Spool Saver.

The Spool Saver comes with two sets of standoffs designed to work with
the common spool thicknesses used by quality Kanthal wire vendors. The
longer size is designed to work with Vapowire™ brand spools and the
shorter size works with Lightning Vapes™ brand spools.

To use the Spool Saver, just loosen the thumbscrew, pull out as much
wire as you need, tighten the thumbscrew to lock the wire, and snip.

The Spool Saver is also very convenient for wire feeding when
preparing Clapton coils -- no need to have a long, unsecured length of
40AWG flopping around behind you, snagging on your chair leg...  The
Spool Saver will neatly and easily feed out the wire as its needed and
allow you to control tension on the wire, all with one hand.

Spool Saver
Extra standoff set for thinner spools
5/64" Hex Key

Colours and materials:
Aluminum, anodized blue
Aluminum, anodized red
Acrylic, Black
Acrylic, Blue
Acrylic, Red
Acrylic, White
Acrylic, Yellow

Category: Lead Tester, Mad Beaver

Type: Coil Tool