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SLASH Concentrate Vaporizer Kit - Stone Smiths

Stone Smiths

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Stone Smiths SLASH Concentrate Vaporizer Kit

The glossy gunmetal stone smith's slash kit accelerates your experience of vaping to exceptional levels. It has an advanced top system to allow airflow by forcing bowl bottom air circulation. The system also enables ultimate flavor provision in addition to averting air path congestion. The signature design of the slash is mouthpiece-like to allow vapers to vape in a vertical position easily. Stone Smith Slash has a unique magnetic cap to heighten the experience of users by propelling the sacred dab fill-up to become comfortable and fast. This is achievable through the help of the integrated loading tool while averting the sticky threaded caps mess. The slash kit also contains an extra device for loading that provides an alternative intake of airflow. The ceramic bowl that is coilless enables level distribution of heat in the compartment. This allows a longer-lasting and easy 1-step cleaning procedure. The slash also prevents any burning taste using high-quality bower. The battery of the stone Smith Slash Concentrate Vaporizer Kit is 1000mAh battery and has an indicator to provide alerts when using a type C charger. The battery has three different types of settings for heating temperature. The slash has a setting of 12-second Auto-Mode, which enables flight sharing, big clouds, deep inhales, and hold-less heat to get you high.


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Product Specs

The key features of the Stone Smiths SLASH Concentrate Vaporizer Kit include:

  • Type C charger
  • Unique airflow
  • Battery indicator
  • Magnetic cap
  • Silicon concentrate container
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece design
  • 1000mAh battery
  • Coilless ceramic bowl
  • 12-second Auto-Mode
  • Three settings for heating temperature
  • Integrated loading tool

For vapers desiring high-quality concentrates, a pen that has a high-end wax is for you.

Product Package Content

The Stone Smiths SLASH Concentrate Vaporizer Kit contains the following components:

  • Heat protector band
  • Slash concentrate vape pen
  • Silicone concentrate container
  • A more extensive air intake extra tool for loading
  • A USB charging cable, which is of type C
  • Extra silicone mouthpiece

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