Sector One "AX1 +Au" Limited Edition RDA - Vicious Ant

Vicious Ant

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The AX1 +Au Limited Edition RDA, manufactured by Vicious Ant for Sector One Vapors

Designed by Sector One Vapors (well known for their N22 and N23 flavour atties), the AX1 +Au is manufactured by Vicious Ant - and the incredible machining quality definitely shows! One look at the deck design is enough to draw any builder into this beautiful device.

"Aurum" - the Latin word for gold, periodic table of elements symbol "Au", is the defining feature of this limited edition version of the AX1. The AX1 +Au, has a gold plated positive post system, which improves conductivity, while providing a striking two-tone contrast to the already aesthetically pleasing deck design.

While the deck may appear complex to build on, it has actually been one of the easiest devices we've built on to date!

Featuring a bottom air flow design and a protected high air inlet, this design provides an extremely flavourful vape that is completely leak-free!

Designed to accept either single or dual coils.

Adjustable cyclops style air flow.

Note: When building your coils make sure the top of the coil does not go above the top of the posts to prevent arcing and shorting against the top cap.


Unique build deck design, allows for various coil build configurations. Single or dual coil.
Gold plated positive post design for improved conductivity and reduced oxidation.
Bottom air flow design for incredible flavour output.
Air inlet design provides leak-free performance, despite the bottom air flow design.
22mm diameter.
14.5mm height excluding the integrated Delrin drip tip.
High heat tolerance PEEK thermoplastic insulators.
Machined from 304 grade stainless steel.
Solid negative terminals.
1.5mm x 6mm cyclops style air slots.
1mm x 8 internal air holes.
Individual serial numbers.
Laser etched logos