Rhodium ThunderCloud Plus V3 - VPRS


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The Thundercloud Plus V3 RDA by VPRS! Integrating an all new Plus airflow system, the Thundercloud Plus V3 is a competition ready RDA, maintaining the high level of quality known from VPRS alongside a consumer friendly price. The namesake airflow system can be set to various degrees in a horizontal, vertical, or 'Plus' orientation, giving users the ultimate flexibility to pair with various build arrangements. A newly designed center post combined with PEEK insulators increases durability, eliminating problematic spinning issues. A wide center post is compatible for 18 gauge wire right out of the box, and combined with the durability and airflow options, caters directly to the cloud chasers. The competition bore drip tip measures at a staggering 8.5 mm, while an included adapter allows for the use of standard 510 drip tips. Milled out of high quality stainless steel, the Thundercloud Plus V3 features a copper bottom contact to ensure a high level of conductivity and performance. Stylized CNC engravings 'WE DRIPPY MANE' at the bottom of the RDA, combined with 'VPRS' logos on the side. Competition ready at a consumer friendly price, the the Thundercloud Plus V3 RDA is a must for any vapor chaser.

Product Features:

8.5 Wide Bored Drip Tip
CNC Engravings
3 Adjustable Airflow Options (Horizontal, Vertical, 'Plus')
22mm diameter
Ready for 18 Gauge
Dual Peek insulators