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Replacement Pods for the Evolv Reflex (2-Pack)


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Evolv Reflex Replacement Pods (2-Pack)

The Evolv Reflex introduces a unique user refillable pod that is manufactured from Black Ultem (PEI), the pods are extremely heat-resistant and are completely Bisphenol A (BPA) free. The use of Black PEI also makes the pods highly resistant to any "tank cracker" liquids you may use, such as citrus, menthol, and cinnamons.

Each pod is individually tested for leakage, wicking, and coil uniformity. Each pod will vape just like the last.

Because the Reflex tightly limits the temperature of the coil, the pods last far longer than other pod systems

Advanced Pod Design

Each Evolv Reflex Pod is ultrasonically weld sealed and pressure / leak tested. Every pod is manufactured to strict wicking and coil resistance tolerances, enabling the device to give you unparalleled consistency, repeatability and reliability in use.

Every pod is QR Coded, allowing you to access the individual pod's test data, batch coding and more.

Each and every pod will vape the same as the last, and you will never get a bad pod.

Innovative Coil Monitoring

Reflex Pods feature a coil that is precision crafted from 316L Stainless Steel. The coil is cap welded directly to the gold plated contacts, giving you unprecedented consistency.

Reflex pods are specifically designed to allow the device's advanced sensors to constantly measure changes in air flow and coil resistance. This gives you real-time control throughout your puff.

Reflex Pods are available to buy in packs containing either two pods, or bundles of ten pods.

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