WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Reflex Pod System Kit - Evolv


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The Reflex by Evolv

The only e-cigarette to respond to the user's inhalation just like tobacco combustion. When combusting tobacco, more heat and smoke is generated when you inhale harder, and less is generated when you inhale less. This is mirrored with the Evolv Reflex, unlike any other vape device which works completely counter intuitively to tobacco combustion.

Draw harder, and it immediately gets more intense. Draw softer, and it backs off. This is why the Reflex will not make new vapers who are long-time smokers cough.

The Evolv Reflex is a cigarette replacement, plain and simple. Tired of staring at your pack of cigarettes and wishing that something else worked? This one does.

Main Features of the Evolv Reflex

  • Automatic power adjustment based on draw strength. Pull harder to increase power (heat). Pull lighter to decrease power.
  • Temperature control for no dry hit, ever. Anti-dry hit technology ensures the coil will not fire if the coil is dry, allowing pods to last longer than typical pod systems.
  • Auto-priming system. Utilizing the temperature control system, when a pod is inserted in to the Reflex, the device goes in to an "auto-priming" session for 10 seconds, heating the coil to below burning temperature of the wick. The heat that is developed will increase capillary action to draw liquid toward the coil faster. Users can go from a freshly filled brand new pod to vaping in 10 seconds!
  • Three settings that match ultra light, light, or full flavour cigarettes.
  • Strict quality control. Each pod is individually tested to guarantee consistency from one pod to another. Coil resistances are accurate to within +/- 0.005 Ohms. Scan QR code attached to each pod to get test result data.
  • Charges with any micro USB charger at up to 1 Amp charge speed.
  • Connect to Evolv's Escribe software to view numerous data points of the device in resting state as well as in usage state. For advanced users, power limits and pre-heat curves can also be adjusted.
  • Designed and assembled in the USA from global components.

Available Colours:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gun Metal
  • Purple

Reflex by Evolv truly is vaping down to a science.

Usage Note: It is recommended to use a tissue to dry the bottom of the pod and inside the nest for the pod every time you refill. Due to the way air flow moves through the device and the sealing performance, condensation can build up and eventually weep out of the device. To minimize this effect, it is recommended to dry out the area every time you refill the pod.

Reflex: Quality & Performance

  • Manufactured to the highest quality and performance standards, Reflex is engineered using premium materials. Each component is carefully designed to offer optimal functionality whilst providing a premium aesthetic and feel.
  • The device body is extruded from aluminum and anodized to a depth of 25 microns. This gives the device a stylish look and feel.
  • Easy-to-use power / select button is machined from polycarbonate and houses an efficient RGB multi-function LED light. This multi-colour LED provides you with simple at-a-glance status information, with power on status, lock status, puff intensity selection, and battery charge level with easy navigation.
  • Reflex is simplicity defined.

Reflex Pods

Reflex introduces a unique user refillable pod. Manufactured from Black Ultem (PEI), the pods are extremely heat-resistant and are completely Bisphenol A (BPA) free. The use of Black PEI also makes the pods highly resistant to any "tank cracker" liquids you may use, such as citrus, menthol, and cinnamons. All pods are individually tested for leakage, wicking, and coil uniformity. Each pod will vape just like the last.

Because the Reflex tightly limits temperature of the coil, pods last much longer than other pod systems.

All Reflex pods are ultrasonically weld sealed and pressure / leak tested. Every pod is manufactured to strict wicking and coil resistance tolerances, enabling the device to give you unparalleled consistency, repeatability, and reliability in use. Every pod is QR Coded, allowing you to access the individual pod's test data, batch coding and more. Each and every pod will vape the same as the last, and you will never get a bad pod.

Reflex pods feature a coil that is precision crafted from 316L stainless steel. The coil is cap welded directly to the cold plated contacts giving you unprecedented consistency. Reflex pods are specifically designed to allow the device's advanced sensors to constantly measure changes in air flow and coil resistance. This gives you real-time control throughout your puff.


Evolv Reflex Replacement Pods available >>>HERE<<<.

Evolv Reflex Specifications

  • Dimensions with Pod Installed: 84mm x 30mm x 11mm
  • Weight: 37.5 grams
  • Reflex Body Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Pod Material: Ultem
  • Coil Material: SS316
  • Pod Capacity: 2mL
  • Output Range: 3 to 25 Watts
  • Battery Capacity: 750 mAh
  • Charging Current: 1.0 Amps

What's In The Box?

The Evolv Reflex comes in a sealed recyclable cardboard box containing a high quality presentation / carrying case. The case is stylish as it is functional.

Inside the presentation case, you will find the Reflex device with a Reflex pod attached.

A simple and easy-to-use instruction pamphlet is included.

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