Punto 75C (Stone) Engraved DNA75C Regulated Bottom Feed Mod - SVA Mod


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Featuring unique engravings on the black Delrin body of each piece, the Punto 75 Engraved is a compact mod that meets the needs of most vapers.

Note: When you receive your mod, the body may appear wet with a liquid. This is 100% VG that has been applied to the body for transport, and it keeps the media blasted black Delrin body looking rich and lustrous, as it will look chalky and grey when it is dry. From time to time, you may re-condition the body by wiping it with 100% vegetable glycerine to maintain the rich black look to it.

Powered by the DNA 75 Colour by Evolv, the full suite of features provided by this chip is available, including 75 Watts of power with step up/step down topology, a colour screen, temperature control, and full programmability through Evolv's own Escribe software which can be downloaded >>HERE<<.

Included, is an original Italian Super Soft 8.5mL bottle. Spare bottles can be purchased >>HERE<<. Most bottles will fit the SVA Punto 75, including all Infinity Cappy R bottles, Dee Mods bottles, and more.

The 510 connector is a custom made design by SVA, and it has quickly become recognized as one of the best and most solid manually adjustable pin connectors on the market, especially for regulated mods. Fully constructed of stainless steel for clean liquid transport, the center pin of this connector is reverse threaded and adjusted manually by the user. Turn it clockwise to raise it, and anti-clockwise to lower it.

Category: Regulated Mods, Squonk, SVA Mod

Type: Regulated Mods