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PSU MTL Chamber Reducer for GT IV (GT4) - Taifun


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PSU MTL Chamber Reducer for GT IV (GT4) by Taifun

This PSU MTL Chamber Reducer (Kammerreduzierung) closes down the empty space in the chamber of the Taifun GT IV to present a more flavourful vapour production for lower wattage setups.

Note: Photos show Ultem version.

Reduces chimney bore down to 3.0mm diameter.

NOTE: This reducer is NOT suitable for use with oversized coil installations. The inner diameter of the evaporation chamber is reduced from 17.0mm to 11.9mm, so care must be taken to avoid contacting your coil to this reducer, or it may melt the PSU.

To install, press the insert firmly in to the evaporation chamber bell of the Taifun GT IV's tank section, ensuring a ~1.5mm distance between the bottom of the reducer and the top of the threads (see last product photo). To remove, carefully push out the insert with a thin and long tool that will fit through the chimney on the drip tip side. If the chamber reducer is tilted, re-seat it with your finger and turn it in the evaporation chamber with an unscrewing motion (see product photo).

When installing the tank, always ensure the chamber reducer is properly seated in the bell (in case the reducer moves out of place during disassembly.

Properties of PSU (Polysulfone):

  • Very high strength and rigidity
  • High heat resistance (-50 to 170 degrees Celsius)
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Is physiologically harmless


  • 1x PSU Chamber Reducer with
  • 1x O-ring (installed)
  • 1x O-ring spare, 4x1mm

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