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OHM Reader Test Leads - Mad Beaver

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Doing exotic multi-stranded coiling builds such as Braidators,
Vertebraids, Stitched Fused Claptons, Aliens, Hybrids, etc.?  The
online resistance calculators don’t work with these types of complex
builds (too many variations), so you can't accurately predict how much
of your wire build to use.  Use too little and you could end up with
an unsafe build, wasting your time, effort, and supplies, and possibly
your health.

The Mad Beaver Creations Test Lead Set, designed to work with your
existing 510-threaded dedicated ohm reader, lets you determine how
much of your wire build you need to use to meet your target
resistance, before you even start wrapping on a mandrel.  The Test
Lead Set is easy to use, very portable, and considerably less
expensive than a multimeter.

Using a high-performance ohm reader, such as a USA Ohm Meter™, is
highly recommended!

1. Attach the lead set 510 connector to your ohm reader.  A
high-performance ohm reader is highly recommended!
2. Attach one alligator clip to one end of your wire build.
3. Attach other alligator clip at some point along your wire build and
take a reading with ohm reader.
4. Adjust the position of the clip to a point along the wire that
provides the target resistance on your ohm reader.

Warning: If you attach the Lead Set to any device other than an Ohm
Reader (not recommended), do NOT fire the device!

Color-coded 10-inch leads
Gold-plated connections
Knurled grip
Alligator clips

Category: Lead Tester, Mad Beaver

Type: Coil Tool

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