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UPDATE:  We have added the LAST 2 Loco's you can get direct from Odis Collection & Design to us anywhere in the WORLD!!!

The Loco by Odis Collection & Design is the smallest high end DNA 200 stabilized/hybrid mod on the market. These one of a kind devices are powered by the Evolv DNA 200 chipset with a 1000 maH battery pack equiped with zip charging. The stainless steel faceplate and matching wood buttons along with a matching Odis Tip made from the same block of wood makes this one of the most sought after stabilized/hybrid mods on the market.

Wicks & Wires Vape Shoppe will be the only shop to carry these Locos at the retail level and we were lucky enough to acquire the LAST six by Odis Collection & Design.   

To start we have the first 2 to present from the batch of 6, 4 more options to come soon!

Note:  Online orders for this product will require verification of payment method.  When this product is ordered the Wicks & Wires team will contact you with the information required.  No exceptions.

Features and Specifications:

DNA200 STAB OR HYBRID WOOD ODIS LOCO 1000 maH – (Tested and balanced).
1 amp zip charge (Warranty for battery 10 dollar change fee.)
Spring loaded 510 connector.
SS 304 Faceplate Height:
87.75mm Width
28mm Length
Stainless steel Faceplate with a matching power button from the same block.



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