Odis 25 RDA with Ultem Cap- Odis Collection & Design

Odis Collection

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The Odis 25 at Wicks & Wires Vape Shoppe exclusively includes the optional Ultem Cap and Stainless Steel Cap!!.

This rendition of the O-Atty will provide an abundance of space for build enthusiasts who love to create extravagant coils. In some cases, more complex coils can find themselves lacking the room required for a complete install. This is one of the reasons why the Odis 25 was brought to reality. Other than the change in diameter, the contact system has been revised as well. A small tab has been implemented into the design of the clamp system in order to prevent spinning of the contact plates when installing a build. With this new feature, it is much easier to catch multiple leads without having to worry about their orientation when tightening your screws. The Odis 25 will also continue to feature our unique airflow design, gold plated contacts, and amazing flavour production.