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The OBS Engine Nano RTA is a large 25mm diameter rebuildable tank atomizer that has been especially manipulated to deliver even better performance than the previous releases within the range. It retains most of the great features of the original with some simple adjustments that aim to improve the taste experience and allow for even more impressive vapor production. Vapers who loved the original Engine model will enjoy this model even more as the manufacturers have ironed out any annoying quirks to make this version the best one yet. 

The OBS Engine Nano RTA is one of the newest iterations of the popular Engine series of tank atomizers and it has only a few minor tweaks to the design that help to distinguish it from its predecessors. The Engine Nano RTA comes with a top airflow control system that is identical to the other releases in the range. It is also conveniently side filling to ensure that it maintains its claims of being completely “leak proof”. The revised tank construction has a massive 5.3ml e-liquid reservoir for added convenience and the single, elliptical post hole design of the rebuildable deck makes coil building easier than ever before. In addition to this, the airflow control system has been optimized to deliver efficient internal cooling and better inner circulation when compared to other RTA’s on the market. This all works well together to achieve the end goal, which is to create denser vapor output and improve the flavor experience of the unit as a whole.

Features and Specifications:

E-liquid Capacity: 5.3ml
Technology: Polishing
Material: 304-Stainless
Atomizer coil: RTA
Subvert the tradition top airflow
Patent top side filling design
Endurance and big e-liquid capacity
Precise design of air circulation system
Accurate locating Bar and Slot design