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The MY Von Erl is an unprecedented and revolutionary device. It utilizes a closed cartridge system, containing 1.6ml of e-liquid, which offers the ease of changing the liquid pods quickly and cleanly for the customer. Its design appeals to vapers and smokers alike. It’s rated at approximately 200 draws per cartridge. It's 350 mAh battery, regulated at 4.2 volts offers the user an impressive execution with a consistent satisfaction from the first to the last draw. In Canada, the pre-filled pods are filled with select Von Erl and select Labo LVS

While the liquid pods are sealed you can open and refill the pods with the liquid of your choice.  Here is a video submitted by a YouTube user illustrating how it can be done with very little effort.


Included in the My Von Erl Vaporizer Kit:

1 My VON ERL. Vaporizer E-Cigarette (with a 350mAh battery)
1 VON ERL. Classic Liquidpod (Tobacco flavour 18mg/ml)
1 USB battery charger
1 Manual