My Jet Ultra Portable Express Kit - Wismec and MyVapors

Wismec / MyVapors

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A collaborative effort by MyVapors and Wismec have create an ultra portable, convenient, and effective device which resulted in the MyJet, a plug and play device that positions itself as one of the smallest devices available today. Each kit includes two sets of the fillable pod and atomizer system, with each pod featuring a 1.2ml capacity. The atomizer features a horizontal seven wrap 28 Gauge Kanthal coil heating element wicked with organic cotton, and provides a clean and effective output. The rechargeable 350 mAh built in battery drives the voltage based output, with a LED indicator providing instant feedback as to the battery state. The MyJet features a draw activated firing mechanism, eliminating the need for a physical button. In addition, a full protection suite is integrated onboard, with Atomizer Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Low Voltage, and Low Resistance Detection. Perfect for entry level users and individuals looking for the most compact travel device offered by one of the largest manufacturers in the industry, Wismec and MyVapor's MyJet Express Kit is a well built, elegantly designed starter kit.

Product Features:

Plug and Play Ecosystem
Fillable Pod System
1.2ml Capacity
Quad Clasp Locking System
Single Fill Usage
Horizontal Coil Atomizer
28 Gauge Kanthal
Seven Wrap
1.3 ohms
Cotton Wicking System
Gold Plated Connections
Proprietary Connection
Voltage Based Output
350 mAh Built In Battery
LED Light Indicator
3.8V to 4.2V
Stays Lit
3.65V to 3.8V
Slowly Flashes
3.45V to 3.65V
Moderately Flashes
3.0V to 3.45V
Flashes in Frequency
Proprietary Charging System
Atomizer Protection/Short Circuit Protection/Low Voltage/Resistance Detection

Product Dimensions:

Fully Assembled
105mm by 18mm by 9.5mm