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Multipins - Velvet Vape

Velvet Vape

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The Multipins by Velvet Vape are the updated sibling of the Nautipins, and offer a true adjustable MTL draw experience to all users of the Aspire Nautilus Coil. The Multipins bring additional versatility, by now allowing compatibility with other coils compatible with the Aspire Nautilus Coil system, such as ::

NOTE: The Multipin is NOT for the Nautilus BVC 1.6 ohm and 1.8 ohm coils. These coils will require the Nautipin for this functionality.

Designed by Atmizone for Velvet Vape, these pins act as a replacement for the corresponding bottom part of your compatible coils. Just swap the existing positive contact pin with your desired Multipin size to get a perfect fixed MTL draw!

INSTALLATION NOTE: Pay attention to the thin contact wire that sits between the rubber isolator gasket and the pin, when inserting the Multipin. Ensure this wire is pressed against the wall of the gasket. DO NOT push the wire in to the coil, or it may lead to a short circuit or another anomaly that results in poor performance of the coil.


  • 3 pins included in kit with air flow hole sizes of 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and 1.5mm.
  • Gold plated brass core for optimal conductivity and as a visual reminder that these pins are not to be disposed, easily distinguishable due to the different colour from the silver body of the coil.
  • Laser engraved with a "1" (for 1.0mm), "2" (for 1.2mm), and "3" (for 1.5mm) for easy identification to mark the air hole size.
  • Compatible with all products that host the following coils, including the Nautilink by Velvet Vape:

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