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Mixx Mod - Aspire


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Mixx Mod by Aspire

The designing of the Aspire MIXX Mod was by a well known Italian Engineering Studio -Sunbox. The collaboration blends erudite ergonomic design, high-end looks, and an exceedingly compact form factor that enables satisfactory vaping satisfaction. The transformation of the MIXX Mod is natural and ranges between battery configurations of 18650 and 18350. The Aspire MIXX Mod offers decisive suppleness through a single glossy 60-watt package. The box provides a guileless adapter tube design for utilization. Aspire MIXX Mod uses refined material and exactitude manufacturing choices that elevates it to a superior category beyond the average devices for vaping. It has a lovingly cut main frame manufactured through the CNC procedure. The raw materials are cut from every single unit over 30 minute's period to give it a premium and classy finish. It is also loaded with details of high-class and beautiful artistry, strong, bold, and elegant. Aspire MIXX Mod is springless for fast response and stability through consistent delivery of power. It adopts a springless and battery-like cap design to minimize voltage drop. Its conductivity is often experienced with stability and sublime speed. The material structure of Aspire MIXX Mod is high-grade and has a pure form. It espouses anodized aluminium, sandblast, and stainless steel of surgical grade to heighten the three available main stealthy options for colors. Order your Aspire MIXX Mod from our website and obtain the real metal quality in hand today.

Aspire MIXX MOD Specs

  • 1-60W Output wattage
  • 0.91" OLED type of screen
  • Bypass, VV, and VW output mode
  • 18350/18650 battery type
  • With 48*83*24 mm in 18650 battery tube
  • With 48*53*24 mm in 18350 battery tube
  • Made with the CNC procedure and comprises of full metal
  • Consists of three modes of output namely VV, VW, and Bypass
  • Has a single 18350/18650 battery with a maximum output of 60W
  • Is made by Aspire and designed by Sunbox

Aspire MIXX MOD Package Details

  • 1 X User Manual
  • 1 X 18350 Metal Sleeve Battery
  • 1 X MIXX Mod
  • 2 X 18350 Battery Spare Fixing Screw

Category: Aspire, Aspire Mixx, Sunbox

Type: Regulated Mods

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