Kennedy 22 RDA

Kennedy Enterprises

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The Kennedy RDA implements airflow from directly underneath the coil, swooping up every last bit of vapor your coils are kicking out. Other atomizers in the past have attempted this but one major issue is that they tended to leak, get clogged from over dripping, or were just plain lacking airflow! The Kennedy RDA tackles all of this. The airflow comes from the base of the atomizer, leaving your cap sleek, smooth, and leak resistant. The airflow is directed to your coils via tunnels that are raised well above the build deck. This not only gives you a HUGE juice well but also prevents your wick from blocking and clogging airflow! A nice little touch with the airflow being separate from your top cap is that you can line up the top cap’s logo with any engraving you may have on your mod, creating a nice sleek appearance. The Kennedy is a tank of an atomizer and functions like a steam engine.

Product Features:

Stainless Steel
Copper Center Post
Domed Chamber Top Cap
4 Direct Bottom Air Holes
Extra Large Juice Well (Up to 30 Hits per Drip)
20 Gauge Kanthal Support
No Air Holes in the Top Cap
Copper 510 Contact
Phillips Head Screws
22mm Diameter
Wide Bore Drip Tip Included

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