KangerTech Evod 650 mAh Battery


These batteries are genuine KangerTech EVOD rated at 650mAh and the approximate charging time is about 3 hours.  A Fully charged 650mAh EVOD battery can support nearly 600 puffs on one charge cycle. The battery can be charged nearly 300 times before needing to be replaced. The threading on the EVOD batteries are EGO/510 thread capable for cartomizers, clearomizers or tank systems.  KangerTech eVod Batteries are regulated at a constant output of 3.7V. This allows the battery to provide consistent performance throughout each charge and offer optimal vapor production every time.

Features and Specs:

Voltage: A Constant 3.7V
Switch: 5 Times Click to Turn ON/OFF
Rechargable via USB port

Package Contents:

1 KangerTech Evod Battery 650mAh

Type: Batteries