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Juma Door for the 18650 Spade DNA or SX Regulated Mod - Vicious Ant

Vicious Ant

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Fits both the DNA75C model as well as the SX475J Spade by Vicious Ant. Only for the 18650 Spade.

To ensure a secure fitment to all units, Vicious Ant has produced these doors just slightly over-sized to ensure fitment in to every mod, as slight variances from mod to mod may result in a loose fit in some mods and a tight fit in other mods if it is made exactly to specification size. As a result, a slightly large size will ensure a tighter fit in mods that have a slightly over sized cut out. These variances are due to tolerance differences during machining, plus the varying thickness of the Cerakoting used to colour the Spade frames. In most cases, the door can fit in to the mod with a bit of pushing in specific edges, and over time, the soft Juma will wear down for a precision fit with your specific mod. However, in some cases of a very tight fit, some material may be needed to be removed with some micro mesh or fine sand paper to bring it down to the proper size.

Juma is a high grade material made of mineral base materials and resin that resists breaking, is easy to machine, with a high surface hardness, and resistant to many chemicals.

Note: Due to the nature of Juma, your particular unit's panel may not look exactly as shown in these photos, as each piece is unique in pattern and gradient.


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