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The Hussar RTA Ultem Edition with Single Coil Deck by Hussar Vapes is a Polish made high end RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) that features a amazing flavour reproduction, generous cloud performance, easy build, easy wicking, juice flow control, easy fill capabilities, air flow control, and adjustable 510 pin height.

This Single Coil Deck version of the Hussar RTA comes with an easy to build single coil deck with wire trap walls and large screw heads to make rebuilding easier. Optional decks can be purchased later.

This Ultem Edition of the Hussar RTA comes with an Ultem tank, which has a number of benefits, including increased heat resistance, durability, and can withstand aggressive liquids that are known to crack polycarbonate and acrylic tanks.

Juice flow control is easy to use, with a slight twist of the Ultem tank section.

Air flow control is easy to manage, adjusting the cyclops style air flow inlet from wide open for a slightly restricted lung hit, to fully closed down for mouth-to-lung performance.

Refilling liquid is easy; just pop the top cap off, and refill directly in the large juice inlet.

The top cap this unit comes with has an integrated mouth piece that can also accept a 510 drip tip as well.

Tank capacity is 5.5ml.

A narrow chimney and a conical bell design allows flavour and vapour to focus directly to the user.

WARNING: It is highly recommend that you fully clean out this product before the first time you use it. While the factory does a decent job at removing dust, shavings, machining lubricants and greases, there is still the potential for trace elements to remain, and it is best recommended that you do an additional cleaning to meet your standard of cleanliness.