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Fused Clapton N80 (Comp C1) - Definitive Coils

Definitive Coils

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Fused Claptons are one of the most widely used coil options in vaping. They are affordable and amazing at producing flavour and clouds. With a wide variety of options, there is definitely a Fused Clapton to suit your needs.

Product Specs:

24 N80 Core
35 N80 Wraps
3mm Diameter
5 Wraps
Single Coil 0.2 Ohms
Dual Coil 0.1 Ohms

Package Contents:

1 Pair of Definitive Fused Clapton N80 (Comp C1)

Warnings and Disclaimers
Low Resistance Warning

This set of coils has an estimated dual resistance of 0.14Ω or lower. We only recommend using these coils if you are an experienced vaper with proper knowledge of battery safety and ohms law.

For regulated mod users

If your device has a resistance limit of 0.1Ω there is a chance that these coils may not fire until properly broken in. To break in coils you may need to get them glowing evenly on a device with no resistance limit. All wire types, especially N80 will have a lower resistance before properly broken in. Therefore we recommend using coils with an ohm reading above 0.14Ω in regulated devices.

For mech mod users

Please exercise EXTREME caution when using these coils in a mechanical device. The lower the ohm reading the higher the risk is. Always prep your coils on a triple parallel mech, or a regulated device that can handle below 0.1Ω safely. We do not recommend using low resistance sets of coils in single battery mechanical mods.


If you do not understand the principals OHM's law or have no experience with battery safety, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT.  This is and ADVANCE USER item.  No refunds or exchanges for this item.

Category: Definitive Coils, Nichrome 80

Type: Nichrome 80

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