WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Fused Clapton Coils (Nichrome 80) - Definitive (5)

Definitive Coils

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Fused Claptons are one of the most widely used coil options in vaping. They are affordable and amazing at producing flavour and clouds. With a wide variety of options, there is definitely a Fused Clapton to suit your needs.

Product Specs:

(2) 26 Guage Nichrome 80 Cores
36 Guage Nichrome 80 Wrap
3mm Diameter
5 Wraps
Single Coil 0.3 Ohms
Dual Coil 0.15 Ohms

Package Contents:

1 Pair of Definitive Fused Clapton Coils.


If you do not understand the principals OHM's law or have no experience with battery safety, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT.  This is and ADVANCE USER item. No refunds or exchanges for this item.

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