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The Convergent RDA by Fluid Mods is a bottom feed capable single coil flavour focused atomizer, featuring a unique air flow system through its changeable multi-port "Airguide" system that provides multiple focused jet streams of air to strike your coil, providing greater surface area, cloud, and flavour production from a cooler vape.


This easy-to-build two-post deck allows users to easily install single coils, while the Airguides reduce dead air space in the chamber while focusing tightly focused jet streams of air towards the coil through a pressurized air system yielding incredible vape performance.

This second batch release of the Convergent notes the following changes:

  • Sand blasted matte/satin surface finished top cap
  • Sand blasted matte/satin surface finished deck
  • Sand blasted matte/satin surface finished posts
  • Updated post holes to prevent cutting coil legs when over tightening
  • Amber Ultem 10-Hole Airguide, each hole measure 1.0mm in diameter.

Optional caps and accessories available <<HERE>>


  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 18.5mm
  • Coil Build: Single coil
  • Post Hole Size: 2mm
  • Drip Tip Hole Size: 510
  • Coil Guide: Up to 3.0mm


  • Deck: Black PEEK
  • Airguide: Amber Ultem, or black PEEK
  • Cap: SS316
  • Posts: SS316
  • Dog Point Grub Screws: SS420

Package Includes:

  • Convergent RDA
  • Bottom feed pin (installed)
  • Solid pin for standard dripping
  • Two spare SS420 dog point grub screws
  • 1.5mm Allen Key
  • 2.0mm Allen Key
  • One 15x1mm O-ring
  • One 17x1mm NBR O-ring
  • One 17x1mm Silicone O-ring
  • Atomizer pouch

WARNING: It is NOT recommended to dry-fire your coil with this Airguide inserted in your deck, as the heat generated from close proximity to your coil during dry firing may potentially melt this Airguide.

WARNING: It is highly recommend that you fully clean out this product before the first time you use it. While the factory does a decent job at removing dust, shavings, machining lubricants and greases, there is still the potential for trace elements to remain, and it is best recommended that you do an additional cleaning to meet your standard of cleanliness.

DISCLAIMER: Rebuildable atomizers are for experienced vapers with access to meters and a working knowledge of Ohms Law, Watts Law, battery safety, and how general electricity works. Please ensure care is taken as to not cause damage nor harm to the atomizer, your battery, the vaping device, yourself, others, or personal property.

Wicks & Wires Vape Shoppe is not responsible for misuse of product, or dangerously low coil builds. Wicks & Wires Vape Shoppe is not liable for the use of improper batteries for your builds.