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The Emperor Vap'East (EVE) Castigador (PUNISHER) is a hard hitting ultra compact mechanical box mod that performs well beyond what its svelte size may convey. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, this tiny little box no larger than a 20-stick pack of cigarettes delivers power in spades.

Coated in a durable Delrin body to prevent heat transfer to the user, the underlying silver plated copper contacts and components delivers an incredible amount of power to the flush mounted 510 connector, with extremely little voltage drop.

Matches perfectly with the Emperor Vap'East Lepton Micro RDA, purchased seperately >>HERE<<.

Usage Note: It is highly recommended to ALWAYS remove the batteries before attaching or detaching the atomizer from this device. Because of the way this device is designed, when batteries are inserted, pressure is applied to the battery positive plate which acts as the 510 center contact. If unscrewing an atomizer with a slotted or cross headed 510 pin, the silver plating on the positive battery plate of this mod can get scratched off over time. As such, it is highly recommended to ALWAYS remove the batteries before attaching or detaching an atomizer, to extend the life of this positive battery plate.

SAFETY NOTE: Pay attention to battery direction when inserting! ALWAYS install batteries with BOTH positive ends going inward! Failure to do so will cause an automatic short circuit, which can result in a dangerous exothermic reaction and/or explosion!

Specifications & Features:

Acetal white engineering plastic (Delrin)
T6 aluminum colour plated (black)
Brass battery door
Silver plated copper 510 thread
Silver plated copper switch connections throughout
Silver plated battery contacts
Dual 18650 parallel battery capacity
Small dimensions: 25mm x 50mm x 78mm
Easy to handle ergonomic design
CNC machined components
Detailed engraved logo
Minimal voltage drop
External screws are not exposed
Innovative hinge type battery cover with sliding lock/unlock feature
100% original design and authentic
Made in the Philippines
Serialized limited 1000 pieces

WARNING: This device is an unregulated mechanical device that is recommended FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY. Use at your own risk. Users of mechanical devices must be aware of battery safety and ohms law in order to prevent risk and harm to the device, to person or to property. Be aware, that mechanical mods such as this one do not have any short circuit protection and lack any firing button locks. Pay attention to the position of the firing button at all times when batteries are inserted, and always ensure that batteries are inserted with BOTH positive ends facing inward for parallel mechanical mods such as this.

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