Blue - Vapergate


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Showcasing raspberry as the primary flavor, you will find other delicious berry notes and undertones beneath.  Blue is the #1 seller for Vapergate and for good reason. Clouds for days. Flavor for miles." ...and not much has changed since. All the original ingredients, the same artificial coloring, Only change is we have waterproof labels and better caps now. Much love and respect for everyone that has loved old Blue.

Vapergate started off with artificial blue coloring but did use organic food coloring for some time. this was based off a cabbage extract that was aged and heated until a blueish/purple dye was created. The consistency and color was never matched by the artificial coloring and so at the end of it's life, Blue did return back to using artificial color. 

PG/VG: 20/80

Category: Fruits

Type: E-Liquid