WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Billet Box Bullet Bridge Kit - Dee Mods

Dee Mods

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The Bullet Bridge Set by Dee Mods provides a bridge to utilize the DDP EVO's >>Bullet Coil<< in your Billet Box Rev 4. The DDP Vape Bullet Coil is a flavour-focused pre-built 0.5 Ohm coil that delivers outstanding accurate flavour for use between 16 to 21 Watts of power.

Also included in this set, is a Dee Mods Flush 510 Connector, allowing a lower seating of your drip tip, great for wide base drip tips to get a fully flush fit to the top surface of your Billet Box!

A pack of 4 Bullet Coils already included. Additional Bullet Coils can be purchased >>HERE<<.

Zone Restriction In Effect: This product CANNOT be sold to Asia due to territory restrictions. Any orders placed for this product to be shipped to any country in the continent of Asia, will result in the removal of this item from your order.

The BB Bridge has an integrated air flow control (AFC) ring made of PEEK, allowing users to achieve a full range of air flow options, from a very tight mouth-to-lung draw, all the way open for a restricted direct lung hit.

Using the proprietary "Bullet Coil" by DDP Vape, these small gold plated bodied coils are sandwiched between the bridge components without the need to mess with screwing them in and out, and connection is made once the 510 drip tip adapter is screwed in to the Billet Box body.

The 0.5 Ohm "Bullet Coil" is rated to be used between 16 and 21 Watts of power. Break-in the coil slowly, starting with 16 Watts, then slowly moving up a few points of Wattage at a time until you reach your desired power level without exceeding 21 Watts.

WARNING: Do NOT use on a mechanical device, as 0.5 Ohms on an unregulated power source will exceed 21 Watts and you will risk burning out the Bullet Coil!

Package Includes:

  • Dee Mods BB Bridge
  • Dee Mods Flush 510 Adapter
  • 1x Pack of DDP Vape Bullet Coils (4 coils).

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