Amber Ultem Body for Malu - Proteus Progeks

Proteus Progeks

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This polished amber Ultem body upgrade is for the Malu mod by Proteus Progeks, and allows you to change the look of your mod dramatically.

Easy to install, this polished Ultem body is beautifully constructed, and allows a fully matched appearance with your Ultem atomizers and caps.

Designed to only fit the >>Malu mod by Proteus Progeks, which can be purchased HERE<<.

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Disclaimer: Although the product is designed for easy take down of parts for cleaning purposes, only apply light to medium force when installing the parts back together, especially the bottom plate connecting rods. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THESE RODS, or you risk cracking the body of the mod. Warranty support will not be provided, if you crack your body due to over tightening.

Category: Malu, Proteus Progeks, Squonk, Ultem

Type: Accessories