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The ALT B2 L2 is one of the most highly coveted 3D printed mechanical squonk box mods currently available on the market, due to the innovative locking magnetic switch design, battery release feature, incredibly small and ergonomic size, with performance no less than incredible!

Incredibly hard hitting despite its small size, the ALT uses solid copper plate from the battery terminal all the way to where the trigger contacts the 510 positive pin. The ALT is designed so that the trigger bar makes direct contact with the 510 center pin, rather than directing current through additional components before reaching the pin. As such, voltage drop is dramatically reduced, yielding much harder hits.

This B2 L2 (Batch 2 List 2) release also includes a new Sub-Ohm kit, which includes a solid brass block that connects securely directly to the feeder/positive pin to negate transitional current when the trigger bar contacts. By doing this, arcing is eliminated, which minimizes your maintenance schedule while keeping low voltage drops and hard hits throughout its life cycle.

DISCLAIMER: Mechanical mods are for experienced vapers with access to meters and a working knowledge of Ohms Law, Watts Law, battery safety, and how general electricity works. Please ensure care is taken as to not cause damage nor harm to the atomizer, your battery, the vaping device, yourself, others, or personal property.

Wicks & Wires Vape Shoppe is not responsible for misuse of product, or dangerously low coil builds. Wicks & Wires Vape Shoppe is not liable for the use of improper batteries for your builds.

NOTE: Raw copper and raw brass will tarnish over time. you will need to maintain these materials to keep the bright luster.

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