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Ajax Replacement Coils - Innokin


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Innokin Ajax Plex3d Replacement Coils (5 Pack)

The Innokin Ajax PLex3d Replacement Coils is a set of crafted coils made specifically for the Innokin AJAX Tank. They have a unique mesh style heating aspect, which is made from 100% organic cotton wick for flavor retention and efficiency, micro-grooves to create a bigger and better surface area to vaporize e-liquids and perfect cotton wicking medium. Complementing the various products offered by the famous manufacturer Innokin, the replacement coils are 100% OEM. They feature a state of the art engineering aspects and premium-grade construction tools. The Coils are professionally made to ensure an extended lifespan and a great performance.

The product has a highly intricate heating systems that make them stand out from others in the market. The coils come in two options: Plex3D, which has a resistance of 0.35ohm and the Plex3D Matrix with a resistance of 0.15ohm.

How to Replace the Coils

  • Hold the vaping tank upside down
  • Carefully unscrew and remove the base of the tank
  • The Coil compartment is situated in the center of the tank base
  • Unscrew and carefully replace the old Ajax Plex3D coil with a new atomizer head
  • To ensure the Plex3D is firm and in place, tighten it with your finger
  • Lastly, replace the tank base carefully, ensuring you do not over-tighten

Leak Proofing Your Coils

Your Ajax Plex3D Coils are precisely manufactured by Innokin to ensure that there are no leaks if the products and parts are correctly used. In case of any leaks, you can follow these steps:

  • If you are using the Ajax vapor tank for the first time, ensure all the product's parts are properly tightened.
  • Make sure the O-ring seals are correctly placed in the tank
  • Ensure you set the correct temperature or power settings for your device. For instance, Coils have ratings that are to be kept within the minimum and maximum settings. If your setting is too high, then your device might pop and crackle, which might result in leaking.

Product Specs

Innokin AJAX PLEX3D Replacement Coils key features include

  • Threaded Coil Installation
  • 0.16 ohm Ajax Matrix Coil for 50-80w
  • 0.35ohm Ajax Mesh Coil for 30-55w
  • Innokin Ajax Matrix Coil Series

Product Package Contents

  • 5 Ajax PLex3d Replacement Coils


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