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Designed by and aerospace engineer the Aeronaut RDA is definitely one of a kind. Time has been spent into overcoming the problems many other RDA's have such as leakage, spit-back, conductivity, poor connections and small juice capacities. Meanwhile, more options become available thanks to the independent airflow modules/tubes. Serious builders will also have the possibility of customizing airflow configurations without altering the airflow design permanently.

The Aeronaut's build deck uses clamping styled connections.... this means it can accommodate a large variety of wire gauges and a huge variety of build type configurations that you can throw at it...along with a 10mm juice well this is truly a builders RDA.  

The Aeronaut RDA comes with spare tubes that can be used for blocking out either top or bottom airflow. If you block out the bottom airflow, it performs like a top airflow atty with higher leak resistance; if you block out the top, it becomes a bottom airflow atty and the tube in the cap acts like a spit-back guard. 

Bottom airflow can be adjusted by turning the top cap...if you close it completely, it becomes a top airflow atty again.

For more information on the tank here is a video :

Note: When  building your coils make sure there is enough space between the top tube and the coil to prevent arcing.


22mm in Diameter
316 + 304 Stainless Steel
Replaceable AFC tubes
Clamping Connection
Leak Resistant Design
10mm Juice Well
Milled-in Negative Post
Adjustable Center Pin (For safety, please adjust before use)















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