Subtank after Subtank after Subtank......

June 11, 2015


The industry is booming....hardware, E liquids and accessories are being released what seems like almost every other day and Subtanks right now are at the front of the line.  Review after review they all tend to have many similarities and few seem to be unique, build quality varies and coils for Subtanks are evolving just as quickly.  As as owner of a Vape Shop getting the latest and greatest in your store can be just as daunting and for customers they can get lost in a sea of tanks wondering which is the best one out there.  Things are not going to slow down either...just this past few weeks there have been 4 or 5 new tanks that have come out...some will never see shelves and some will find their way into someones shop and home.  

How do you pick a tank that's right for you?   Do your research... Google and YouTube is your friend.... there are many great reviewers out there like Rip, GG, Suck My Mod, etc who spend countless hours ripping product apart, trying them out and giving up close and personal opinions on what they think.  If money is no object then this article doesn't matter so much, but for the money conscious  start with what is familiar to you, visit your local Vape Shop and ask to see product close up.  If it's your first Subtank go with what is tried tested and true, save the latest and greatest for later...there will always be the next best thing around the corner.


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